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Worker's Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries Video

http://sandimascarlegaladvice2017.soup.io Now Playing: Caught on the 'Price Is Right': Workers Compensation Fraud

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Now Playing: On the Search for Army Vet's Long-Lost Twin Kids: Part 2

Now Playing: Twins Finally Hear Long-Lost Father's Voice For First Time in Decades: Part 4

Now Playing: Army Vet Meets Twin Kids in Reunion Over 40 Years in the Making: Part 5

Now Playing: How obsessive gamers can quit playing

Now Playing: Retracing missing Tenn. teen, former teacher's steps after they disappeared

Now Playing: The last moments before missing Tenn. teen disappeared with former teacher

Now Playing: Video shows Tennessee teen before she disappeared with teacher

Now Playing: Where Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas stayed while on the run: Part 4

Now Playing: Police finally track down Tennessee teacher and teen Elizabeth Thomas: Part 5

Now Playing: Student reports seeing teacher kiss Tennessee teen Elizabeth Thomas

Now Playing: Where missing Tennessee teen Elizabeth Thomas is today

Now Playing: Neighbor of John McAfee found dead after being shot in the head

Now Playing: John McAfee denies any involvement in neighbor's murder

Now Playing: John McAfee's lab in Belize raided on suspicions he was making meth

Now Playing: Belize murder victim's mother remains hopeful for justice: Part 6

Now Playing: John McAfee's latest product in the world of cyber security: Part 5

Now Playing: How anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee made his millions

Now Playing: 'Life, Animated' Parents on When They Learned Son Had Autism: Part 1


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